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Bifocal glasses

I bought bifocal glasses. It costed only 10,000 yen in JINS.
I think it will cost more than 30,000 yen at other eyeglass stores, why is it so cheap?
By the way, I choosed the cheapest frame (5,400 yen).
In case of JINS, bifocal glasses is plus 5,400 yen, so it is just 10,800 yen.
The clerk said that there was a bit of a sense of incongruity until you got used to it. In my case it was hard to use 2-3 days, I felt sick and I had returned to normal reading glasses.
But I have got used to it when I notice it, it is very nice feeling.
The clerk taught various kinds of tangle to accustomed to the distance perspective, but in my case I did not feel uncomfortable as soon as I used it naturally without consciousness.
When speaking with the customer, if it is an ordinary reading glasses, the focus will match the document at hand, but the customer’s eyes and facial expressions are out of focus.
In such a case, I took off the glasses and talked everytime, but this was troublesome.
The glasses I bought this time do not contain any degree at all, so I can work comfortably without removing the glasses one by one.
This is useful








Change name tag

In the entranceway of the Kobe tax office,name plates of tax accountants who are members of the Kobe Branch of the Kinki Taxaccountant Board are displayed on a large wall.
Membership in the kobe branch has increased year by year, reaching a total of 610 tax accountants and 42 members tax accountant companies by the end of March this year.
As the member of name plates are increased, the size of the plates has been made smaller in other to display the extra plates.
The photo above shows my original name plate that was replaced with a smaller one.
As it has been displayed on the wall since I become a tax accountant in 2002, I will always treasure it foundly.

えべっさん Shrine Ebisu Yanagihara


I’ve worship Shrine Ebisu Yanagihara today.
Thank you again this year.

(corrected by the teacher)
I visited Yanagihara Ebisu shrine today.
I’m hoping it will bring good luck for my business this year.