driver’s license examination

My daughter is a college student,and now she lives a bit far away alone.
And my daughter seems to have graduated from an automobile school , but since she has not transferred her address yet, it seems that the last examination must be taken at the Akashi driver’s license examination site and coming home soon .
However, Akashi’s department exam is quite difficult, even if studying with a text book sold at an ordinary bookstore, it is no good, and she must study with the special textbook sold at a coffee shop near Akashi’s test site, etc.
I remembered that a long time ago, I could not pass the first examination.
But I passed an examination in second time, because I bought this textbook and I studied with it.
Since it was a story about 34 years ago, I was worried that it is not already sold.
But It was still selling at a coffee shop and convenience stores nearby the test site.
I bought it at Family Mart near the test site.
The price was 1,000 yen
Although my memory is not definite, I think the design of the cover has not changed since 34 years ago.
If she fails by any chance, she must come back again, so I want she to pass in one time.
Good luck to my daughter