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Toritani finally hit 2,000 hits.
This year, Iwatched the Tigers Giants match at Koshien on 25th May.
I was deeply impressed when Toritani who got nosal bone fracture by a pitched ball on previous day appeared as a pinch hitter.
Every audience gave him a great cheer.
He got a ground out to third, but he hit the ball!
Didn’t he feel fear?
He has a great courage. That’s why he hit 2,000 hits as well.
Good luck going on, Toritani!

Constitutional amendment

When the parliament were disucussing about Security Bill Mr. Yoshinori Kobayashi, a cartoonist, said that “if they execute a forcible vote, the possibility of constitutional amendment will be low”
The support rate of the Abe cabinet plummets sharply, and it seems to be difficult to revise the constitution.
I think the economic policy of the Abe cabinet is useless at all, but I was expecting their amendment policy of the Constitution, so I became a little worried.

Car navigation restoration

The car navigation that I sended to the repair center of the manufacturer for repair came back.
When I installed it to my car, It seems that it has completely repaired and the software has also been updated, so even if the volume button breaks down and keep it pressed, it will not rise above volume 15 .
(If I want to raise to more than15, the volume increases by 1 each time I press the volume button.)
I got a telephone with a detailed explanation from the repair center on the way, and I did not need to pay the repair cost.
I am very satisfied.