9 degrees!

Looking at the weather forecast of the Kobe Marathons day, maximum temperature will be 9 degrees!
It is going to be a very cold day.

10 km course

Until the Kobe marathon there is only a week.
Even if I run a long distance now, there is no effect, so I ran lightly 10 kilometers today.
I will do my best next week!

The weather of the marathon day

Kobe Marathon will be held 1 week later.
Today,At the weekly forecast of the weather forecast site I am always watching, I got a forecast of 11/19.
Weather forecast is fine and maximam temperature is 14 degrees!
It is getting more and more fun.

30 kilometers running

Since the Kobe marathon came closer, I ran 30kilometers .
I ran two sets of my 6 kilometers course and my 10 kilometers course and stopped when I run just 30 kilometers.
The limit came to me about 25 kilometers on the way and I took a rest for about 10 minutes.
It may have been dehydration symptoms.
There was a vending machine selling 500 ml bottle of Aminovalue, so I drank it slowly for 10 minutes and recovered, I fnished to run 30 kilometers.
It took 3 hours 45 minutes, so I think I can finish in the Kobe Marathon, but I wonder if it is impossible for me to finish within five hours this year as well?

10 km running

Today after I watched my son’s basketball game at the general athletic park, I went back home by running.
It is a usual course I run, but I knew for the first time that the altitude difference was 124 m. Nike’s application taught me it.

Course change

The course of Kobe marathon has been changed from this time.
After landing to the Port Island, previously it was a yellow dotted course, 3.8 km!it seems that this time it will be shortened to 1.8 km with the blue thick course.
This is a very very good change.