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The standard remuneration for the Tax Accounting Advisory Contract, Inheritance Tax Declaration Fee, and Business Revitalization Consulting Business is as follows.
(As of April 1, 2015: Consumption tax included)

Tax Accounting Advisor fee

sales 売上高2億円以下 2億円超5億円以下 5億円超10億円以下
advisory fee/month 32,400円 54,000円 108,000円
settlement tax return fee 162,000円 270,000円 324,000円
total anual 550,800円 918,000円 1,620,000円

Companies with sales of 1 billion yen or more will be presented individually.
If you have multiple stores and multiple sales bases and adopt independent payment system, in principle, we will add monthly advisory fee of 10,800 yen per base.
It is common to both corporate and individual business.
The following services are not included in the tax accounting consultation fee.
Payroll work, year-end adjustment work, depreciation property tax return, tax examination appraisal fee (meeting daily allowance, revised declaration fee is also an extra fee), social insurance work and other matters not described in the advisory contract.

The amount displayed is only a guide. We will respond to consultation with reference to the contract amount with current tax accountant, so please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail etc. In addition, even if you receive an inquiry, we will not conduct any sales activities by telephone or visit from us.

Inheritance tax filing fee

50,000千円以上 100,000千円未満432,000円
100,000千円以上 200,000千円未満648,000円

※ The above rate is for one person you heir. Every time one heir increases, we will add 32,400 yen (tax included) per person.* If the inherited property contains land, we will add 54,000 yen (tax included) per property.
* If the inherited property includes unlisted shares, we will add 54,000 yen (including tax) per company as evaluation fee.
* We do not include charges for judicial scrivener’s work such as inheritance registration, preparation of legacy split consultation, etc. These will be presented separately from affiliated judicial scrivener office etc.

Other tax accountant operating fees

Tax surveillance witness fees 32,400円/1day(The same daily allowance for meeting with the tax office etc. after the survey) Correction filing fee will be extra fee。
Year-end adjustment fee 基本料金10,800円に、従業員お一人あたり1,080円を加算。
However, if you are a company with a tax advisory contract and are not more than 5 employees, it is free。
Payroll service agency 月額基本料10,800円に、従業員お一人あたり540円を加算

For other tax accountant services (gift tax declaration, depreciation property tax declaration, revision declaration creation fee etc.) we will estimate separately. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Business revitalization consulting fee

Consulting basic charge 324,000円

We are only consulting on business restructuring as a tax accountant in our office. The consulting basic fee above is mainly the cost of formulating a rebuilding scheme on the accounting side (business plan, repayment plan, corporate division plan etc), we will claim it at the time of contract. Payment to lawyers, real estate appraisers, real estate agents, financial consultants etc. may occur separately depending on the contents of the scheme. (Attorney’s involvement is basically compulsory)

In principle, we have a contract with a tax advisor contract. In the case of business revitalization with a scheme such as business transfer or corporate division, the former company (“split company” in short, the former company, in essence the case of division) basically requires provisional settlement of accounts and finance scrutiny so the above consulting basic charge In addition, we will charge a monthly advisory fee for settlement fee and half a year at the time of contract. For business assignment companies and newly established companies, we have concluded a tax adviser contract according to the regulations of our office.

Basically, it is “business revitalization”, so there must be no situation that “the advisory fee is high and the company has become irreproducible”, so considering the cash flow situation etc of the company you consulted We will respond to consultation.

In many cases, business revitalization costs a large amount of money besides remuneration to specialists including tax accountants and lawyers. Regarding this point, as a part of consulting, we have some know-how on fund procurement, so we encourage you to use individual consultation first.

Individual consultation fee

Individual consultation fee 10,800円/1 hour

Those who are thinking about considering advisory contract after consulting the summary in advance about tax consultation contract and business revitalization consulting, please apply for individual consultation.
As a general rule we are receiving in our office, but we will also visit on request. (In the case of afar, please pay the actual cost of transportation.)

In the e-mail or fax (078-371-0710), please inform me of candidates for “company name” “name / position title” “company location” “telephone number / fax number” “desired date and time ) “” Simple consultation content “etc. Please indicate it after clearly stating.

After receipt, we will reply about the consultation date and time within “about 2 business days”, “our map”, “materials you would like to prepare on the day etc.”.

We have a relatively schedule every Saturday.
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