office policy

While our office is based on regular tax accountant business,

① Business revitalization consulting

② Personal computer accounting support

I am good at two tasks.

The Japanese economy continues to suffer from long-term depression and is exhausting.
Many people say that the cause of the Japanese economic stagnation is “deflation”, but I think that I am different.

I think that the industrial hollowing out due to the manufacturing industry and its subcontracting business being transferred to overseas cheap labor costs, and the decrease in employment are the biggest causes.
The job that our Japanese were good at has moved overseas.
And business that moved overseas will not come back to Japan.
Therefore, we need to abandon the old-fashioned industrial structure and corporate constitution, create new business that has high profitability and does not excessively depend on borrowing money.
Development of new business is indispensable especially in business restructuring of company with poor management.
Business revitalization is attracting attention only to the arrangement of debt, but unless you think about new business with high profitability at the same time as debt consolidation, even if the initial revitalization scheme goes well, there is a danger of second bankruptcy.
Nothing can succeed if you are considering a business plan only on the extension of existing business.
I am helping with such try while using tools such as tax and accounting.
(I am doing business revitalization with the help of teachers of lawyers and judicial scrivener)

In addition, we encourage young managers to use PC accounting software (self-assessment = managers themselves input accounting data and prepare accounting materials).
Recently accounting software became easier to use and the price became cheaper.
I am also supporting to use cloud accounting software compatible with mac pc.
And above all, if management inputs data themselves, you can get various information useful for making management decisions.
Please consult our office.