Amazing watch

I bought this watch to use at the 1st Kobe Marathon,for 6,060 yen at Amazon on November 9, 2011.
It will be around 6 years soon, but it has been working normally.
Although it looks old and full of scratches, it has never broken down and never replaced batteries too.
How many years will this battery last?
I had used another G-SHOCK(Tough Solar) that is said not require battery replacement, but the battery of it ended in only 2 to 3 years.
After all G-SHOCK in this picture is the best.
I will use this watch at the seventh Kobe marathon .

22 km round trip course to the general athletic park

I am running for 22 km round trip course to the general athletic park after a long absence.
The weather is nice today and it is very hot.
Since I have been very busy with both public and private this year, I could not feel like running a long distance quite a bit.
This is the first time I have been running for more than 20 kilometers since the end of last year’s Kakogawa marathon.
Because the Kobe marathon will be held shortly, I have to do my practice.

driver’s license examination

My daughter is a college student,and now she lives a bit far away alone.
And my daughter seems to have graduated from an automobile school , but since she has not transferred her address yet, it seems that the last examination must be taken at the Akashi driver’s license examination site and coming home soon .
However, Akashi’s department exam is quite difficult, even if studying with a text book sold at an ordinary bookstore, it is no good, and she must study with the special textbook sold at a coffee shop near Akashi’s test site, etc.
I remembered that a long time ago, I could not pass the first examination.
But I passed an examination in second time, because I bought this textbook and I studied with it.
Since it was a story about 34 years ago, I was worried that it is not already sold.
But It was still selling at a coffee shop and convenience stores nearby the test site.
I bought it at Family Mart near the test site.
The price was 1,000 yen
Although my memory is not definite, I think the design of the cover has not changed since 34 years ago.
If she fails by any chance, she must come back again, so I want she to pass in one time.
Good luck to my daughter

“Ekisoba” sold at Himeji station

I like noodles and when I go to Himeji or Ako ,I always eat “Ekisoba” at Himeji station.
Today, I went to “Kansai Grand Fair” being held at INTEX Osaka because my custumer invited me.
I was surprised that Ekisoba of Himeji station was sold at the venue.
It was delicious.


Toritani finally hit 2,000 hits.
This year, Iwatched the Tigers Giants match at Koshien on 25th May.
I was deeply impressed when Toritani who got nosal bone fracture by a pitched ball on previous day appeared as a pinch hitter.
Every audience gave him a great cheer.
He got a ground out to third, but he hit the ball!
Didn’t he feel fear?
He has a great courage. That’s why he hit 2,000 hits as well.
Good luck going on, Toritani!